What are Life Skills?

Life Skills are abilities and interpersonal skills that are required to manage the tasks and challenges of everyday life. They can also be called ‘Learning to learn skills’ which can be acquired through learning or by experience. They help us solve problems by thinking creatively and making informed decisions. They also help us communicate effectively and empathize with others thereby building healthy relationships.

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Through the course of our workshops we have interacted with some incredible kids and parents. They have been intelligent, caring, confident, loving, passionate and pretty much every adjective under the sun. These are some of what they have had to say about us

I am impressed with B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. Building a strong relationship with the kids helps them trust you and brings out the best. This is exactly what you do. I could see my child happy after each class and excited for the next one. Well done! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

Renita Anilash, Parent - Australia

Allen was very excited to attend his B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. workshop every day. He enjoyed all the exercises conducted during the session. As a parent, I came to know his Love Language. Thanks a lot to the B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. team.

Jerald Quadras, Parent - Kuwait

My son Aaron attended the B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. workshop and I noticed that during the workshop the kids were taught to better understand their emotions through engaging activities. The welcoming environment created within the workshop allowed for the children to be more open with the participants and teachers which is something that is difficult to achieve over Zoom. After the workshop, Aaron has a better understanding of his Life Skills and emotions. I would definitely recommend this workshop to children of all ages as well as to parents who seek to deepen their understanding of their children.

Janet Aranha, Parent - Singapore

As a parent, I loved the fact that my child was fully engaged during the workshop. She found herself in a safe space where she could express herself without any inhibitions. It gave us a glimpse of how she handles herself when her support system, which is us, is not around and it was an eye-opener to see how mature a 7-year-old can be emotionally!

Amith Menezes, Parent - Australia

My 14-year-old had an amazing time connecting with himself and strangers who then became friends. Charlotte and Sarah have understood the need of the teenage group and curated a well-drafted offering that is not preachy, helping our young adults to navigate through tough situations with some confidence.

Arundhati Sen, Parent - Dubai, UAE

B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. is an innovative program that let our child develop Life Skills that are relevant and of utmost importance in the current times. My daughter attempted to come out of her shell in her interactions with the teachers and connects many things that she learnt to her everyday experiences.

Kavita Sehgal, Parent - Mumbai, India
B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. was an amazing workshop. It helped my daughter Sanika to gain self-confidence. She could express her views and thoughts with much confidence in a group. The best part was you made all of them in the group get actively involved and respected the thoughts of each other. Thank you so much, Sarah and Charlotte.
Lona Monteiro, Parent - Bengaluru, India

I liked that the B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. classes were different from what my daughter was exposed to especially in a small town like ours. The only hitch was the language, as our child doesn’t get to talk English very much. Otherwise, I was glad that she got an opportunity to be a part of your Life Skills classes. Thank you very much

Leslie Mendonca, Parent - Chikkamagaluru, Karnataka, India

The B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. workshop of 7–9-year-olds is really worth it. Our kids are enthusiastic but, in this pandemic, they don’t have the exposure. Through the workshop, my son got a chance to share his thoughts and it helped him to think creatively. He made many new friends and had great experiences. B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. conducts really wonderful life skill development classes.

Laveena Menezes, Parent - Mangalore, India
The workshop was a really great experience for me. It really helped me to express myself more and be bold. Before this workshop, I was scared and nervous to speak in class and to new people so it really helped me with that. It taught me to work in a team. It also taught me that everybody’s opinion matters and everyone should be respected. There were a lot of fun activities too. Thank you so much, Sarah and Charlotte
Sanika Monteiro, Student - Bangalore, India

I loved the workshop. It was fantastic! I’m sure the future batches will love the workshops too. Thank you.

Ethan Dsilva, Student - Mumbai, India

My daughter Rishika attended the B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. workshops and I can truly say that this is a program with a difference! Unlike conventional classes that focus on specific art/ sports, B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. aims to equip kids with life skills that will help them excel in the modern world – self-expression, sensory development, drama and environmental sensitivity. Having said that, the moderators, Charlotte and Sarah, have put in a lot of thought to structure the sessions such that they are thoroughly engaging and fun for the children. I would really recommend the B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. experience to every parent and child.

Manokamana, Parent - Mumbai, India

First of all, thank you to Sarah & Charlotte for giving my daughter this new hands-on experience. She was hesistant initially but opened up later on. The best part of the programme was the freedom of expression that each child enjoyed. I saw her spending more time thinking creatively on the topics than before. This would help her to hone her skills in a big way. Congrats n all the best for all future programmes.

Aruna Rao, Parent - Chennai, India

My daughter joined the workshop on her friend’s suggestion. I was apprehensive initially as it was online but I was proved wrong. It was wonderful. She looked forward to each session. She enjoyed the role-play, debates, DIY cleaning solutions. I absolutely recommend it.

Dr. Phemie Fernandes, Parent - Mumbai, India

WHY we Blah

As mothers, we realise the need to nurture values and skills in our children. The B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. workshops have stemmed from wanting to share our experiences gained through our personal and professional lives.

  • Kids start building Life Skills and coping strategies pretty much from birth, with each new developmental milestone laying the foundation for the next

  • Teaching your child Life Skills is not only important for self-care and sufficiency— it also allows them to feel empowered, works on socialization and reasoning, and helps develop self-acceptance.

  • The coping skills we learn while growing up, are often far removed from reality, and this is where we come in; to identify this gap and help each individual equip themselves to navigate through it.

  • We do not stress on achieving what you do not have – a new sport, a new language, a new instrument. We are here with the main aim of helping kids understand who they are and polishing what they possess.

HOW we Blah Blah

As the name suggests, B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. workshops are all about the babble, it is an absolute introspective class! No Pen, No paper, No homework. Just the champs and us having fun conversations, thought-provoking activities and experiments, with each Life Skill being imparted through segments that focus on 3 basic values – I Matter, You Matter and Nature Matters.

I Matter

I love myself. I am valuable.
I am Enough.

You Matter

If we can’t see eye to eye,
try heart to heart

Nature Matters

Sustainability is the need of the hour and not just a trend

Let’s Blah our way to better


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WHEN we Blah Blah Blah

At B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H. B.L.A.H., we offer 2 kinds of workshops each catering to a different style of learning. We have a short 7 day workshop, perfect for school vacations where we focus on a handful of Life Skills. The second is a longer commitment of a year between us and the kids. It would be a once a week class with each week focusing on a new Life Skill


July 2022 — Our Upcoming Workshop

Win Self Win Others

7 Day workshop from July 4th – 10th 2022

In this workshop, among other Life Skills, we help children learn the skills they would need to be independent, self-reliant, and help them deal with situations on their own.

Timing: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm (Dubai).

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