Aspire to Inspire

In this workshop, we help your children draw inspiration and be an inspiration to people around them. We help them understand how being independent helps them inspire others and how to learn from others who are self-reliant

  • Self-Reliance

  • Nurturing Relationships

  • Collaboration v/s Cooperation

  • Leadership

Win Self Win Others

Helping others is a great quality to have, but before we can help others, we must learn to help ourselves and be our own strength. Learning about our own qualities and strengthening them is of utmost importance.

  • Confidence

  • I am Responsible

  • Time Management

  • Money Management

  • Embrace who you are

Power of One

The Power of YOU. In this workshop, we help children learn more about themselves by identifying their strengths, making them utilise their strengths for the activities involved, and exude confidence in whatever they do to the best of their abilities.

  • Being Yourself

  • Choosing Real over Perfect

  • Giving up isn’t an option

  • Change is the only constant

Discipline Life

In this workshop, we teach children the concept of discipline and help them understand why it is important in everyday life.

  • Responsibility Vs Reliability

  • Time management

  • Money management

  • Self Reliance

  • Lead by Example

  • Attitude Vs Aptitude

Embrace Yourself

In this workshop, we teach children the concept of self-love and how to accept oneself with flaws and misgivings. We help them understand why it is important to embrace and love yourself as much as we love others.

  • Self Awareness

  • Embracing your Emotions

  • Motivation

  • Anger Management

  • Growth mindset Vs Fixed mindset

  • Real vs Perfect

Survival of the Fittest

In this workshop, we help your children learn life skills that will, in turn, help them better understand and adapt to the ever-changing and evolving environment around us. We teach them how to be independent and self-reliant thus enabling them to stand on their own feet.

  • Financial Independence

  • Attitude Vs Aptitude

  • Community Service

  • Conservation

  • Self Reliance

  • Ikigai

Leaders Create More Leaders

In this workshop, we help the children learn ways to lead by example and in turn inspire others with their leadership skills. We help them understand the concepts of motivation, problem-solving, working in collaboration, and being not only a leader but also a team player.

  • Self Awareness

  • Motivation

  • Critical Thinking / Problem Solving

  • Collaboration vs Cooperation

  • Leader / Teamworker

  • Decision Making

Celebrate Individuality

In this workshop, we help children identify their strengths, learn more about themselves and accept the amazing beings that each of them are.

  • Self Awareness / Self Love

  • Embracing Emotions

  • Effective communication

  • Proactive vs Reactive

  • Stress/Anxiety Management

  • Aggressive vs Assetive vs Passive

Learning to Unlearn

In this workshop, we help children identify habits that we have learnt over time and help them unlearn the unhealthy ones. We teach them to accept their real selves instead of chasing after the idea of being “perfect”.

  • Real Vs Perfect

  • Change vs Constant

  • Time Management vs Time Wasters

  • Creative Thinking

  • Motivation

  • Decision Making